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It's Me Again

It's Me Again
by Donald Jack
Volume 3 of the Bandy Papers

Spring 2007 • 320 pp
Paperback ISBN: 9780973950519
E-book ISBN: 9780981024455
$16 (US) • £12 (UK) • $19 (Can)

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It's 1918, and Bandy has survived the trenches and the war in the air, but now that he has his own squadron to command there are even worse things in store for him. His adjutant. A parachute test. A Paris dentist. The wrath of Brigadier Soames. Halifax hospitality... And when a new German biplane comes along that can out-perform even the Dolphin, it looks like it's the end of the war for Bandy.
     *Note - At one time this volume was published in two separate books; the first half sold as It's Me Again, the second as Me Among the Ruins. The two halves were also published together as It's Me Again, and that's how the latest version is being published. So, Me Among the Ruins is now part two of It's Me Again.

About the Author 
Donald Jack won the Leacock medal for humour three times for volumes of his popular Bandy Papers series. For more about Jack and the Bandy Papers, visit the Bandy website.
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