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Three Cheers for Me by Donald Jack

Three Cheers for Me (Revised 1973 version)
Volume One of The Bandy Papers
by Donald Jack
£5.59 UK • $8.99 US • $8.99 CAN
9780986497452 - e-book
Published January 2012

The year is 1916 and subversive young Bartholomew Bandy is leaving behind hearth & home, religion & boiled cabbage, to fight in the Great War, where the blank, expressionless face he developed for annoying the pious hypocrites of his home-town gets a new use in driving senior officers and other pompous figures of authority apoplectic with rage.

Like any young man setting out to find his fortune, Bandy has many first encounters, some of which, like his first encounter with British plumbing, nearly kill him. Others, such as his first encounter with rum, nearly kill his commanding officer. But when that colonel recommends Bandy for the Royal Flying Corps (largely because the average life expectancy for pilots was six weeks), he inadvertently does the young lieutenant a good turn by helping Bandy find his true genius – flying.

The revised & expanded edition which is volume one of the nine-book Bandy Papers series.


“Fighting for King and Country and the Archbishop was a glorious thought. I felt full of patriotism and divine fervour, fighting for God and His victory against the barbaric Teutonic hordes who had been bayonetting Belgian babies steadily since 1914 according to the newspapers. I prayed, not for victory, for with God on our side that was assured, but that I might remain strong in my faith. I had had cause of late to reproach myself severely for slight waverings of devotion. These waverings, for some reason, almost invariably occurred in church.”
- Lt. Bartholomew Bandy, 1916

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Three Cheers for Me

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About the Author

Donald Jack won the Leacock medal for humour three times for volumes of his popular Bandy Papers series. He served in the RAF from 1943-1947, later moving to Canada in 1951. In addition to the Bandy Papers -- one of the best-loved series in Canadian Literature --he has written a history of medicine in Canada, and numerous scripts for films, radio, and the stage. For more about Jack and the Bandy Papers, visit the Bandy website.
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