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Knights of the Sea
Knights of the Sea
A Grim Tale of Murder...Politics...
...and Spoon Addiction
by Paul Marlowe
Paperback ISBN: 9780973950595

US$15.00 CA$15.00 UK£8.00
eBook ISBN: 9780986497438 / $7.99

It's Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, and all the Empire is preparing to celebrate. But between suffragists, assassins, submariners, Scots impersonators, by-elections, and aunts, having a quiet holiday is proving to be a tricky matter for Elliott Graven and Paisley DeLoup. And with Alexander Graham Bell hosting a meeting that threatens to plunge the world into war (not to mention making romance dashed difficult), it's all Elliott and Paisley can do to keep their heads above water. Especially after their ship sinks.

"Paul Marlowe’s style of humor is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s lighter works... if you enjoy dry wit, Victoriana/steampunk elements, and plucky teenagers saving the world, you’ll probably like Knights of the Sea. It’s an tale of high adventure that takes a humorous look at… well, pretty much everything, from politics to romance to lycanthropy. Give it a shot if you liked Stardust or Good Omens."

"...the novel has multiple compelling features. It is a fast-paced blend of action-adventure, fantasy and historical novel, with the added elements of erudition, humour and wit. Marlowe's style is reminiscent of 19th century literature, yet timeless enough for a 21st century reader to grasp... Subtly and cleverly, author Paul Marlowe educates readers about the politics and preoccupations of late 19th century Canada." -Ruth Latta, CM Magazine

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Paul Marlowe
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