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That's Me in the Middle by Donald Jack

That's Me in the Middle
Volume Two of The Bandy Papers
by Donald Jack
5.59 UK $8.99 US $8.99 CAN
9780986497476 - e-book
Published April 2012

Promoted from the rank of Acting Temporary Captain in a Royal Flying Corps training squadron to that of very temporary Lieutenant-Colonel in the Air Ministry, ace pilot Bartholomew Wolfe Bandy blots his copybook with an ill-considered speech, flies to Ireland by mistake, and is sent back to the chaos of the Western Front as a lieutenant with the 13th Bicycle Battalion (also known as "Captain Craig and the Forty Thieves"). Reclaimed by the newly-hatched RAF that had just been born on April Fools' Day, Bandy -- now a major -- survives Irish gun-runners, Bolshevik spies, and his honeymoon with only minor injuries and major embarrassment.


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That's Me in the Middle

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About the Author

Donald Jack won the Leacock medal for humour three times for volumes of his popular Bandy Papers series. He served in the RAF from 1943-1947, later moving to Canada in 1951. In addition to the Bandy Papers -- one of the best-loved series in Canadian Literature --he has written a history of medicine in Canada, and numerous scripts for films, radio, and the stage. For more about Jack and the Bandy Papers, visit the Bandy website.
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