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"A fun read!" - Teens Read Too

"Sporeville has all the elements and feel of a gothic horror novel... Marlowe demonstrates throughout the novel his excellent command of language, extensive vocabulary and clever will appeal to strong readers with a passion for gothic literature, traditional horror or simply bizarre tales." Recommended.
- Marina Cohen, CM Magazine

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Sporeville : Book One of the Wellborn Conspiracy by Paul Marlowe

Book One of The Wellborn Conspiracy
by Paul Marlowe
ISBN-10: 0973950544
ISBN-13: 9780973950540
215 pp
US$10.95 CA$11.95 UK£6.95
Selected for Resource Links magazine's
Best of the Year 2007 list.

There were more people in the streets, all of them moving toward the lighthouse. Each walked alone, neither speaking to the others nor making any signs of recognition. They simply drifted. Slowly, steadily, inexorably.

Elliott Graven was prepared to be bored by Spohrville, and prepared to be annoyed by it. After all, it was a run-down fishing village in the back woods, and moving there suddenly had been his father's idea, not Elliott's. But he wasn't prepared for the sleepwalkers. Or the mushrooms. Or the jars of eyes.

At least the werewolves seemed to be on his side...

"Fans of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy will certainly
enjoy this novel. In fact, readers who like gothic literature, science fiction, fantasy, and history will all relish this book... I cannot wait for the sequel...It was absolutely the best, most delicious thing I have read in some time."
- Bonnie Campbell, Resource Links

The Poe's Deadly Daughters blog recommends Sporeville and Knights of the Sea as "Spooky, quirky, strange, and very funny".

"The general teen reader will be interested by this story, for it illustrates the past with a steady hand, and carves intrigue well...anyone past double-digits can read this and enjoy it." -

"Sporeville is an exciting, well written, fast paced story which captures the atmosphere of the times." -Historical Novels Review

"Anyone who loves science fiction, mystery, or history will enjoy this read, which is a great novel on its own as well as a terrific start to the Wellborn Conspiracy series."
-What If? Magazine

"Fast paced, action-packed, and an insane blend of historical, science, fantasy, and Gothic fiction this is an excellent first book in the Wellborn Conspiracy series, and I sat down and inhaled this novel in a single sitting. You might be confused as to how there can possibly be a sequel, but the last chapter will give you an "Ohhh!" feeling and you'll be glad to know that there are more forthcoming...T
his book is classified as "Steampunk," and if you're not sure what that is, read the definition later -- it's the BOOK you need to read. Go. Run, don't walk." - Readers' Rants Blog

About the Author 
Paul Marlowe writes adult and young adult steampunk and science fiction. For more information, see the author's website at
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